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Balik Sa Bohol!


BALIK SA BOHOL BALIK! Come Back and Visit Bohol !

Bohol: Reminisce.Rebuild.Reborn

This photo is under the courtesy of Roel Clenuar:

“Kung mauli ko sa yutang natawhan this amazing set of colors welcome me always at the Tagbilaran City Port.”

October 15, 2013 when all eyes were set focus towards Bohol. Newspapers, televisions, and social media engrossed different information, videos, photos, and prayers for the province. The said Pearl of the Orient Seas loss its gleam when the island of Bohol were shattered down to rubble. Witnessing the devastation of houses, broken bridges and cracked down roads, ruins of old historical churches and the faces of weary Boholanos captivated individuals’ uplifting hearts to help and lend their hand for the victims of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that wrecked the province.

All of the sudden attention that was crammed unto the province was paused and set aside as the super typhoon Haiyan entered the Philippines’ area of responsibility particularly on November 8, 2014. It is said to be the  deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 6,268 people in our country alone.

EME.OUT Photography
But what just happened after those swift days? It has been 5 months after the tremor awake our sleepless souls and there are still plenty of people who are actually curious of what just happened to Bohol after the calamities and after the recent 7.2 magnitude quake. But just like the resilient Filipinos who have gone far, fought for the liberty, overcome world wars, catastrophes, excessive corruption of the politicians, and extreme poverty, Bol-anons lives go on and stick to their belief that they could rise from the rubble and tourism would never go down. Bol-anons are said to be descendants of the last group of inhabitants of the country called “pintados”, meaning the tattooed ones who are said to be brave fighters. And so it is in our blood to fight on, never surrender and stand amid the ruins.
Bol-anons have survived the odds, because they are exposed to it, even before our forefather’s time. Up to this very date, it can merely be seen that Boholanos got back to its feet and were on for the rebuilding and healing processes.
Photo Taken by: Chael Santos, 
during their stay in Bohol after the quake.
 Balik sa Bohol
Bohol’s tourism is now mounting up again after a slowdown from the quake and couple weeks of total power out due to the super typhoon. Just this April 3, 2014 on our way to Talibon , Bohol we passed along the mostly isolated areas particular in Maribojoc and Loon. Of course, you can still see that the ruins are still there, but no, there’s nothing to worry about since the community and the people went back normal just as usual living. Broken bridges are already constructed and ready to be passed by vehicles from town to town and also cracked down roads are covered by cements and construction workers can be seen rebuilding the towns as well as the tents that were used by the quake victims were still there. Masses are done before the ruins of the devastated churches, besides the faithful Bol-anons believed that nonetheless, the people are the Church! It is us, being referred as the real Temple of Christ and the structural building is an alternative.

Bohol is back! Bohol is Reborn! Yes, there may be had a lot of changes but there would still one surely thing remained. The hospitality of the Boholanos which truly amazes anyone who has experienced it, Boholano Spirit is a sure thing and this would never ever change. It's in all the tragedy in our lives which makes us hold tighter together. Even after a calamity, "pintados" are still alive with the resonance of Boholano melody and not even the the strongest earthquake in the entire archipelago will be able to shatter the Boholano spirit.

Photography by:  Chael Santos


And witness How the province runs even after the quake.

Even after earthquake, we went off nearby towns from the city and sight see some places in the province. I failed to remember the exact date when we had dropped to Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao to take some bite of their luscious and organic ice cream after my sister had her drive practice in the island. But yes what I'm so pretty sure about is that, it was then after the earthquake and the super typhoon Yolanda leaved the province and that very day the electric power is still unstable. Guess, the farm uses generator set just like any other resorts that time and the surrounding is quite noisy. Still, the farm runs well and is back to business. We had also numerous lunch and dinner in Bohol Buzz Café located in Galleria Luisa even after the quake; I guess month/s after. Of course, they still served their mouth-watering cuisine and now another branch of their Buzz Café just recently open in Alona, Panglao. Isn’t it happy to see Bohol going back to Business? As in Business!

The wondrous Chocolate Hills even after the tremor. Chael Santos Photogaphy  Balik sa Bohol!  

Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines-
(Left to right) Me, ate Dalareich, my papa and ate Jessa
Chael Santos Photogaphy  Balik sa Bohol!      

From the city, we’ve driven out towards Carmen Bohol together with me is my father, sisters and the two individuals from SPARK Philippines. We've been taking them in a tour in our province, even after the earthquake. Before we reach Carmen, we stopped to see the Bohol National Museum near the Capitol in the city and in the Blood Compact Monument. We had also stopped and snap some photos in the peaceful scene of the Man Made Forest in Bilar. Until we reached Carmen, and climbed up the 200 or plus steps until we reach the top, one of the most scenic views in the Philippines, the wondrous Chocolate Hills standing firmly and beautifully even after the tremor. Aww, to tell you it was my first time to personally see the real chocolate hills, ever since, though I lived in Bohol yet back then we don’t used to take some tours. 
Upon leaving Carmen, we stopped to see tarsiers in their Tarsier Conservation Area – Loboc Bohol and yes the small primates are real, they are there and survived the tremor. We've seen only a few of them; I wondered where the others are.
Chael Santos Photogaphy  Balik sa Bohol!  

Chael Santos Photogaphy  Tarsiers Even After Quake Balik sa Bohol!  

Artista/s Spotted in Bohol Even After Earthquake 

Photo Courtesy: facebook photo by Loboc Bohol Tourism 

 Piolo Pascual spotted in Bohol for the new ABSCBN (Kapamilya) Summer Station Id “PINASmile” 

On the other side, Ms. Universe 2010 4th runner up, Maria Venus Raj also spotted in Bohol even after the quake as their upcoming “Business Flight Show” will be featuring Bohol to be played in GMANEWSTV
.  They are just two of the many artista/s who had already went and ni Balik sa Bohol even after the quake. So Balik Na sa Bohol Balik!! 

Other Activities and places to Re/Visit in Bohol:

  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park
  • Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Balicasag Island
  • Mag-aso Falls
  • Tagbilaran City for shopping and night life
  • Panglao White Sand Beaches
  • Alona Beach
  • Butterfly sanctuary 

                    Just Some of Bohol’s                       Native/Delicious/Demand Delicacies


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